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Sunday, Jul 25 09:30 - 17:00
Camp Sweeney students sail (Benjamin Walters, Aleta)

Map link (click to see a map): 37°51'57.3"N 122°19'02.6"W (Berkeley Marina)
Program: Alameda Juvenile Probation
Description: Our graduation event and sail. Pot luck food and a ceremony in which we give out certificates and have some big wigs from the Camp. Let the students do inflatable and kayak rides. Their friends and family attend and they show what they have learned. Very moving up even if you did not teach in the course. If enough people there, we take Aleta out as well...note is a Sunday.
All crew and captains must follow BWF's pandemic guidelines
  • Boat: Benjamin Walters
    • First captain: Lee Stimmel
    • Second captain: Hugh Shinn, Steve Kastner
    • Crew: Mari Murayama, Jim Stanton, Daniel Jones
    • Non-certified: MICHAEL GOERTZ, Benjamin Colby, Cooper Downing
  • Boat: Aleta
    • First captain:
    • Second captain:
    • Crew:
    • Non-certified:

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Guidelines and Requirements For Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Blue Water has adopted a policy that only fully Covid vaccinated captains and crew may attend our sails. If you are not vaccinated, please contact Shannon (click here) so we may determine if our safety protocols are achieved by your attendance.