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Saturday, May 14 10:00 - 17:00
BOB, JIM AND BEN MEMORIAL SAIL (Benjamin Walters, Golden Bear, Aleta)

Map link (click to see a map): 37°51'52.6"N 122°18'50.6"W (Berkeley Marina)
Description: A memorial sail for two of our greatest captains, now deceased, Ben and Bob. All three boats will rendezvous at the end of the Berkeley Pier
at 1100 and throw three leis in the water....then raft up at Angel to eat, relax and trade stories about these two great sailors...then sail the afternoon away, as they would have liked!
All crew and captains must follow BWF's pandemic guidelines
  • Boat: Benjamin Walters
    • First captain: Lee Stimmel
    • Participants: Joanne Martin, Hugh Shinn, Judith Zimmermann
  • Boat: Golden Bear
    • First captain: David Mischel
    • Participants: Mari Murayama, Shannon Kastner, Daniel Jones, Colm Pelow
  • Boat: Aleta
    • First captain: Marc Gounard
    • Participants: John Pimlott

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