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Friday, Dec 9 16:00 - 21:45
XMAS SAIL FOR CAMP SWEENEY (Benjamin Walters, Aleta)

Map link (click to see a map): 37°51'52.6"N 122°18'50.6"W (Berkeley Marina)
Program: Alameda Juvenile Probation
Description: Xmas light sail for the Sweeney students. Pot luck.. bring food to share, then out to SF to see the lights. If enough volunteers sign up, we go in two boats...otherwise Benjamin Walters.
All crew and captains must follow BWF's pandemic guidelines
  • Boat: Benjamin Walters
    • First captain:
    • Second captain: Lee S
    • Crew: Robert M, Judith Z, Jill B
    • Non-certified: Scott B, Paul F
  • Boat: Aleta
    • First captain:
    • Second captain:
    • Crew:
    • Non-certified: Stacy C, Gustavo T

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