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Friday, Oct 29 16:30 - 22:00
Camp Sweeney Class #3-night (Benjamin Walters)

Map link (click to see a map): 37°51'57.3"N 122°19'02.6"W (Berkeley Marina)
Program: Alameda Juvenile Probation
Description: Our first night sail with the students. Teaching ID of lights and night navigation...use of various electronics from radar to night vision and thermal scopes. A favorite for all the students.
All crew and captains must follow BWF's pandemic guidelines
  • Boat: Benjamin Walters
    • First captain: Lee Stimmel
    • Second captain: Hugh Shinn
    • Crew: Michael Goertz, Mari Murayama, Jim Stanton, Robert McKinney, Dennis Castro
    • Non-certified: Gabriel Chang, Richard Pon

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