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Friday, Apr 12 17:30 - 21:30
Camp Sweeney night sail (Benjamin Walters)

Map link (click to see a map): 37°51'57.3"N 122°19'02.6"W (Berkeley Marina)
Program: Alameda Juvenile Probation
Description: Our night sail with Sweeney...a favorite. Two boats going out if sufficient crew. Dinner at the dock, then out to the lights.
All crew and captains must follow BWF's Crew Interaction Guidelines
  • Boat: Benjamin Walters
    • First captain (night): Lee S
    • Night Second captain: Robert M, Hugh S
    • Night Crew: Roger D, Eric I, Maddie Z, Mari M
    • Non-certified: Steven W, Abby G, Kimberly C, John M
  • Student-sailors aboard: 5

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