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Proof of Vaccination is Now Required

Blue Water now has an agreement with the San Francisco Unified School District to begin sails in early January, 2022. However, the District reserves the right to confirm our assurance that all volunteers on sails are fully vaccinated.

Therefore, the Board of Directors decided at the December 14 meeting to require documentary proof of vaccination status. This primarily affects Volunteers sailing on Golden Bear but in the interest of simplicity, fairness, and to be able to give similar assurances to anyone going on any sail it applies to all Volunteers. To implement that we now require that volunteers upload an image of their vaccination status for Covid-19.

You must complete this task before you will be able to sign up for any sails.

The image you upload can be either a photo of your actual vaccination card(s) or a screenshot of your California Covid-19 Vaccination Record which is downloaded on your phone or elsewhere (see CA My Vaccination Record). 

There is now an upload link on your profile page which will allow you to upload the photo to this website.

Blue Water Foundation will protect the integrity and privacy of your Covid vaccination record as part of our general privacy policy. This information is not HIPPA protected information because Blue Water is not one of the organizations covered by HIPPA code (ref: HIPPA Journal). All uploads will be confirmed and you will be contacted if there appears to be a problem.

Updated: Mon May 2 11:05:32 PDT 2022